Digital payment is penetrating widely in Hong Kong by familiarising consumers with convenience in their daily life. Since its official launch in 2017, Alipay HK has now reached a milestone of 1 million Alipay users and 10 thousands merchants in Hong Kong.


OpenRice is now the Official Partner of Alipay appointed to provide Alipay payment service and promotion channels for Hong Kong dining industry. Connect to Alipay via OpenRices can enjoy the low transaction rate in town, with fast settlement in 3 days, and accept your payment at minimal risk. It is the most direct way to capture Chinese tourists and Hong Kong’s new wallet subscribers community.

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– Cashless transactoin for minimal risk
– Real time transaction history online
– Auto settlement in 3 days
– Low transaction rate*
– Free promotion to millions of Chinese tourists and Hong Kong wallet users

*Offer for early bird only


Handheld devices are also available for merchants to accept payment at a glance. Please contact our staff for details.