OpenRice Pay, Way more than payment!

With the presence of the 4th wave, OpenRice will keep on supporting the restaurants to get through this tough time! In the meantime, OpenRice Pay, an innovative O2O payment solution is launched! Diners can get exclusive cash discounts and rewards by just scanning QR code for payment on OpenRice App. What’s more, by combining functions like Table-booking and vouchers, and with the help of payment subsidies from the 3rd party, extra incentives can given for diners to visit the restaurants more, and it keeps the orders for the restaurants throughout the time.

Support multiple dine-in payment methods, including credit cards an digital wallets; Instant deduction of payment discounts or rewards to attract more diners

Simple and hassle-free application, saving you from an ocean of required documents; Support iPhone and Android, automatic system update; Single service fee, quick T+3 settlement

Pre-engage users with multiple attractive offers via functions like Table Booking and Vouchers

Together with our 3 main partners, OpenRice Pay would greatly attract more diners to consume in restaurants via a total of 700 thousand discounts and 1 million Asia Miles!

Join us now! Let over 4 millions of OpenRice members become your customers!