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Feb 21

Top 28 users with most OR Pay successful transactions within the promotion period will receive the rebate amount in form of reward wallet that is equal to the net amount of their 1st transaction (or up to $888, whichever is lower). Check out with OR Pay and join now! Landing:

Date : 2021-02-11 To 2021-02-28
Dec 20

OpenRice Pay allows faster and easier payments by simply scanning the payment QR code to complete payment. Also, it provides a variety of cash discounts; earn and burn credits and other offers which enables you to enjoy gourmet at a lower cost.

Date : 2020-12-07 To 2021-01-31
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Apr 17

As a food lover, you shall not miss the astonishing 50% off booking offers! More restaurants will join to offer 50% off booking offers. Just do not forget to come back to check them out! Time to book a table and enjoy with your friends!

Date : 2017-04-03 To 2017-04-30
Nov 16

You can search for your favourite restaurants and make a reservation easily on our App with special dining offers!

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