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According to our code of review, the reviews submitted by restaurant owners, employees and the agents of the restaurants will not be approved. 

We seldom delete the published reviews. However, we may delete the reivews if the reviews are proved that they have violated our code of review.

If you would like to report or complain a review that you believe should be removed because of inappropriate content, click ‘Report’. We will review further and decide whether it needs to be removed or returned to the member. To report a review, you will first need to login, click ‘Report’ at the bottom of the review, state why you think it is inappropriate with supporting details (if any). The whole procedure will be done anonymously.

You can comment on reviews and express your opinions by the following method:

#To stay being a healthy online community, OpenRice reserves the rights to remove any comments.
Desktop App


Simply click ‘Leave a comment’ at the bottom of the review

Can I comment on other members’ reviews?(APP)

  • Tap the icon "Comment" at the bottom of review
  • send it out after you finish typing the comment
Why do I need to confirm if my review content is true?


As a platform for users to express their opinions freely, OpenRice has the responsibility and obligation to remind users of certain matters which they may not be aware of in order to safeguard the interests of all parties.

By this email, we would like to advise that the review containing serious allegation submitted by you has been evaluated as having a potential legal risk *, therefore please look over the content of the review again. If no modification in the content is required, please reply to this email for confirming that the content of the review is completely true and thereafter the review will be published shortly. You can also reply to this email directing us to amend the related wordings on your behalf. If we do not receive your reply within 30 days, the review will be returned to your account and stored as manuscript.

* If there is misrepresentation of fact in a review containing serious allegation, the member who has submitted the related review may be liable to bear the related legal responsibilities pursuant to the " Defamation Ordinance " in Hong Kong.

There are many restaurant tasting events for public and OpenRice understands that our members might be one of the guests. After the members to participate in tasting events, and of course you can share your dining experience. However, please note that according to user policy, you must tick 'Tasting Event' option in the Review. Provide this information not only can make to other users to understand the activities of the special arrangements for the dining experience, but also can let other users make the analysis and judgment.
If a member is used the meal coupons or interest from restaurant for visiting the restaurant, these reviews are also required to tick 'Tasting Event' option in the Review. When we find the review deliberately concealed or failed to declare, we will handle these review with our code and such membership may be suspended.

Reviews resulted in total score (smiley face/ OK/ sad face) removal mainly due to its emphasis on restaurant itself and insufficient content on food even the content of the reviews does not violate the code.
Other reasons to remove the total score of the review include:
1. Content is based on individual incident
2. Content is not food-oriented
3. Written descriptions or photos are insufficient in review.

OpenRice does not normally remove reviews that have already been published. Users can report a review that is believed to be inappropriate or offensive. OpenRice will investigate and decide if it should be removed. OpenRice will remove a review include but not limited to the following:

1. The review is written by restaurant owner, staff or agency identity
2. The review is written by restaurant competitor identity
3. The review submission is benefit- driven
4. Duplicate reviews or reviews with similar content is repeatedly submitted or with different OpenRice account
5. The review is submitted by the same person more than one time under same visit.
6. The review content is insulting or provocative
7. The review content contains profanity or personal attacks
8. The review is false or misleading
9. The review or part of the review content is not original or is copied and submitted without permission from copyright holder
10. The review contains commercial promotional text, picture or link
11. The review contains self-promotional text, picture or link
12. The review contains abusive or vulgar language
13. The review is not based on personal experience
14. The review has insufficient information on how food taste and look
15. The review contains relatively serious complain or other legal matters but without proper proof of evidence
16. The review is responding to a particular review/ comment
17. The review contains photos only and lacks content
18. The review contains restaurant information
19. The review contains content that are hardly to be understood
20. The review contains external photo links
21. The review content contradicts with rating
22. The review content contains private and confidential material that needs to be removed
23. Placing of tobacco advertisement

OpenRice has the same rules for all restaurant reviews. To ensure reliability and trustworthiness, all reviews will be read by our editors before they go public. You will receive an email with reason if your review has been rejected. Also, you can log in to your account to view the review approval status. 

To share a dining experience on OpenRice, you may write about your view and comments about food, service or restaurant environment. You could focus more on the practical information which most users/ customers will experience. OpenRice suggests members to write more, also to read more reviews from other members so you will understand what you expect to see. Adding photos will help explain your opinion and it makes the review less boring too!

Desktop or App ?

How do I submit review? (Desktop)

  • Click "Write a review" at the top right corner of the page
  • Choose the district and enter the restaurant name
  • Choose the restaurant in search result page
  • Enter related information and write your review content, submit the review after you have finished

How do I submit review? (APP)

  • Click "search" on OpenRice APP home page
  • Input the restaurant name in "Search"
  • Select the restaurant name
  • Click "Write Review"
  • Enter "Title", "Content" and "Rating", Click "Preview & Submit"