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  • Add your order to Basket on Restaurant Takeaway Service Page, click "Checkout" afterwards
  • Click "Enter Promo Code"
  • Click "Add Promo Code"
  • Insert the promo code and click "Apply"
  • The promo code has been applied on the order instantly

You can pay with Alipay balance or credit card. Payment will transfer when your order is being confirmed.

It depends to the restaurant. When your order is under the minimum spending, you may need to pay the balance as required.

Yes, we strongly recommended using your own utensil and supporting environmental friendly. Please state the number of utensil set you would like the restaurant to provide.

When your order is accepted, you will receive an email and push notification. Please fill in your e-mail address in your personal information and turn on OpenRice push notification.

You can cancel anytime if the restaurants have not accepted your order. Once the order is confirmed you may not be able to cancel or refund.

Please contact us if your order is not accept within 15 minutes.
WhatsApp: 5742 0771 / takeaway-cs@openrice.com

Restaurant may reject your order due to out of stock, service is unavailable or other reject accept order. We apologize for the inconvenience that may cause.

It depends on the cancellation time and payment method. In general, 7-14 working days are required.

Paid by Credit Card:
In general, 7-14 working days are required if it is settled by credit card as it depends on the different card-issued banks.

Paid by Alipay:
1. Pay by Balance: Refund will be deposited to your balance
2. Pay by credit card: The refund process will generally take 7-14 working days. Please seek the issuing bank for any cases that take more than 14 working days.

Paid by PayMe/UnionPay/BOC Pay: 
A refund will be deposited to your balance or debit account

Paid by Octopus:
1. Octopus card linked with Octopus App: Open Octopus App > In-App pus notification > Collect Refund
2. Octopus wallet: It will be refunded automatically to the Octopus Wallet.
3. Physical Octopus card:  Open Octopus App > Menu > Redeem Awards / Refund > Collect Refund by present physical Octopus card 

There could be several reasons for this:

  1. After cancellation of the order, the promo code will be usable again after 15 minutes.
  2. The Quota for that promo code is full.
  3. The promotion is expired.
  4. Your order hasn’t reached the minimum order requirement.
  5. Your order doesn’t satisfy the condition required for that promo code. Please contact our customer service for more details. WhatsApp: 5742 0771 / email to takeaway-cs@openrice.com

The promotion code can be used within 15 minutes after cancellation. A promotion code with a quota or time limit will be released to other customers. The promotion code cannot be used again in case of full quota or expiration.

You can track the order status in our app and our rider will contact you when the order arrives.

Yes. Your order need to meet the minimum spending set by the restaurant. Delivery fee is charged by each order.

Please contact us: WhatsApp: 5378 2618 / delivery@openrice.com

Please confirm your phone number and order number with the rider.

Rice Dollars will be returned to your OpenRice account within 1 – 2 Working days after cancellation. Please check the “Points Details” for the OpenRice Points record.

You can review your order though the OpenRice App under My OpenRice > Order Record.

Promo codes and Rice Dollars can be used for orders at the same time, but the actual payment amount must meet the minimum spending amount of the promo code.

For Example:
Promo code $20 for minimum spending $20.1, after used the promo codes, remaining amount is $80. You can use $59 Rice Dollars and paid $21.